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Today there is much talk about men's libido. Some people compare the value of the word to the word "power", but in reality this is not entirely true.

The women from far away, feel the men with a high libido, and unconsciously, with the dream of having with them a relationship of

The power is the physical power to perform the sexual act, while the libido is something more subtle, which is beyond the physical world. The libido can not touch, can only feel, feel, and the greater the feeling, the greater the libido.

Conditional libido can be called a prerequisite to the sexual power, libido – as a locomotive that drags with it the rest of the sexual sphere in the life of men. The women from far away, feel the men with a high libido, and unconsciously, with the dream of them having a relationship.

Girls for the load of the communion of men with high libido, that is why men with a high libido to enjoy amazing success with women, and often it does not depend on the external data, and the financial situation.

What you told the uncle Freud about libido

The concept of libido was introduced to the well-known psychiatrist zygmunt Freud. As is known, is widely interested in issues of sex, and even presented a whole theory about it, which for a long time has studied in the universities and in the meetings of the psychologists.

Freud considered that the marker of the libido occurs in early childhood, when the child alternatively are interested in some parts of your body and the body of the mother of your chest, of your anal orifice and later of his genitals. Hereinafter, more or less formed of the libido goes through three stages – Platonic, erotic, sexual.

After all these transformations is obtained end of the libido, harmonically developed and works. But the world is not perfect, sometimes the development of the libido is not on the stage, and then they come very unpleasant changes in the life of men of low libido.

The causes of reduced libido

The first time, when the libido decreases, the man may not be aware of it fully. It produces a slight dimming of interest in the opposite sex and the need to have sex decreases.

Conflicts with your partner can be the cause of decreased libido

You can, without reproach to your girlfriend or wife, talk, that she is no longer excited, but not in it. The decrease of libido, change of partner is not going to bring anything in addition to the frustration, therefore, it is urgent to make a resurgence of her libido.

Causes of reduced libido can include: stress, emotional upheavals, conflicts with your partner, the lack of conditions to enjoy a sexual relationship, a serious illness, the consumption of drugs, the drugs, the inflammatory processes of sexual system, psychological discomfort, the long absence of sexual intercourse, the physical exhaustion of the body.

In these cases, not only there is the decline of interest in sex, but the lack of imagination, masturbation, reluctance, see erotic films, and so on, Because at this point, you must be extraordinarily influence the situation and take it under his control. The syrup for the enhancement of male libido – LongUp – that is what helps you to recover the libido.

As LongUp increases libido

Syrup LongUp to improve the male libido helps you to recover your old desire. The tool is designed based on natural extracts, its application does not affect other organs and systems. On average, men have sex 1 to 5 times a week, but after the application of the tool of indicators increases in 1,5-2 times.

As men often do sex
The age The number of sex acts in the week before the reception of the LongUp The number of sex acts in the week after the reception of the LongUp
17-20 5-6 7-10
20-25 4-5 6-9
25-35 3-4 5-7
35-50 2-3 3-6
Over 50 1-2 2-4

The action of syrup, clearly directed, it has effect only in the libido. Already after a couple of tricks that You experience a change, after the completion of the course Is replaced, completely lost the desire.

An interesting fact. U.s. scientists believe that walking barefoot is a great tool to increase the libido. The fact that the feet are the points, which are responsible for sexual attraction. This also explains the emergence of a large number of spas in the novels.

Syrup LongUp it is an aphrodisiac, the history of its creation goes to the bedouins, who used the tool for the maintenance of the health of men. Later, the recipe has been passed in italy, the personal physician of the famous policy of mussolini, and since then spread throughout italy and other countries of europe.

What is the syrup LongUp

The tool LongUp contains only natural ingredients, among which extracts of herbs and vitamins. In the composition of the figure:

All components are carefully balanced and included in the best proportions. Use of the tool favorable affects Their well-being.

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The advantages of the use of the tool LongUp
The base assigns the syrup LongUp in the midst of other medications. LongUp it is the best remedy because:
The effectiveness of the tool is based on the use of aphrodisiacs. The medication improves the condition of the organism and improves the general tone. The syrup for the improvement of the male libido LongUp we have already helped thousands of men all over the world the desire of sex and the power of embodying in life.

What results to expect

After you have tested the syrup LongUpYou will be amazed with the results of Syrup LongUp take care of Your health and, in addition, it feeds the vitamins. The effect of the drug shows the following results:

The libido will be restored, You can easily go back to the harmonious and full of life, as well as improve their health thanks to the vitamin content. LongUp - a lot of pleasure and your confidence in Your own forces!

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Review of the medical

The doctor The urologist Димитър Димитър
The urologist
The experience of:
16 years
Decreased libido always precedes problems with impotence and health urogenital sphere. Normal desire and sexual activity - natural prevention of prostatitis, adenoma and other diseases. Syrup LongUp is able to positively influence the libido, therefore, what I recommend in the first place. The tool can be used and before problems arise with the android function, all of the same prevention is the best treatment. LongUp contains in its composition only natural components, analogs of syrup in bulgaria do not. The use of syrup - the easiest way to improve the health of men.